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We understand the need for class management software for your fitness business. Personal trainers, dance teachers, gymnastics coaches, fitness instructors, and yogis, look no further! We have the solutions you’re looking for. We take care of automating your class scheduling, payments, and customer profiles so you can focus on getting your business swole.

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We've simplified class manegment for you!



Online Class Scheduling

We know the importance of a user friendly system so your customers can book with ease and your staff can self manage. Build your class calendar, assign resources, roster instructors, and invoice clients in the blink of an eye. And, with AI-generated reports and analytics we take the guess work out of your business’s productivity so you know exactly where to optimize.

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Are you just starting your fitness business and need a solution for appointment scheduling?

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We grow with you! Add instructors, classes, or services.

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Hivemanager was created to provide simple and affordable scheduling, billing, and charting software for small businesses.

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