Take the Pain Out of Tipping: Introducing Gratuity Feature

Tipping Feature

Introducing the new Gratuity feature for Hivemanager, the all-in-one online booking and office management service! With this new feature, staff can now easily record and apply gratuities directly on the invoice, giving clients the option to tip for exceptional service. The gratuity can either be applied as a credit for the customer’s next visit or given as a gratuity for the staff. This feature streamlines the payment process and allows for better tracking and management of gratuities within the clinic. Signup for Hivemanager today and experience the convenience and efficiency of the new Gratuity feature!

How it works

After creating the invoice you can now apply a payment that is greater than the invoice’s total

You will then receive a prompt to either add the balance as a credit to the client or a gratuity.

Now the gratuity shows on the invoice
Also, it will show in the sales report